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Claude Monet: ‘The Spirit of Place’ Exhibition

A journey into the world of Claude Monet.

Le French May presented ‘The Spirit of Place’; a magnificent Monet exhibition in cooperation with Réunion des Musées Nationaux. The Hong Kong community, both young and old, were able to view 18 of the Impressionist’s fine works, including ‘Water Lilies’ and ‘Effect of Spring’ in a setting that recreated many aspects of Monet’s beloved home, Giverny.

First Initiative Foundation (FIF) supported the exhibition in partnership with Le French May and held a gala fundraising dinner at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, with exhibition viewing a highlight of the evening.

The gala introduced FIF’s original children’s picture book set ‘My Monet’ and ‘Colour Me Monet’, which was donated to more than 1500 local schools and libraries.