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Quatuor Zaïde Recital

Quatuor Zaïde and Le French May present ‘The Magic Flute’.

First Initiative Foundation (FIF) sponsored this classical concert performed by Quatuor Zaïde, which consists of four well-established musicians, first violinist Charlotte Maclet, second violinist Leslie Boulin Raulet, Sarah Chenaf on the viola, and finally Juliette Salmona on the cello. They beautifully performed a couple pieces from Mozart’s opera ‘The Magic Flute’, creating their own rendition also known as ‘Re-inventing the Magic Flute’. This highlights the importance of freedom of expression within the confines of Classical music.

FIF also partnered with Le French May and the Education Bureau to present a masterclass with Quatour Zaïde. More information can be found here.