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Quatuor Zaïde Masterclass (Le French May)

Quatuor Zaïde, a well-established and distinguished all female string quartet, inspiring students with their very first Masterclass.

Quatuor Zaïde offered a first-class experience instructing two student string quartets to learn directly under their expertise. This unique Masterclass was held at Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall in partnership with Le French May and the Hong Kong Education Bureau. They offered a deep insight into the world of classical music while offering their world-class mentorship on their approach to every musical piece. After Quatuor Zaïde’s outstanding performance of Haydn String Quartet in F minor, Op 20 No.5, 1st movement, both string quartets, from Diocesan Girls School (DGS) and Bishop Hall Jubilee School (BHJS) played their individual pieces under the guidance of Quatuor Zaïde gaining immense knowledge on how to play at a world-class level.

First Initiative Foundation (FIF) also sponsored the ‘Quatuor Zaïde’ recital which can be found here.