Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends


Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁

Dubbed ‘The Music Genius’, Hanjin is the ultimate all-rounder in Asia. His achievements have earned him multiple music awards, including performance awards in film. His music arrangement and mixing skills have not only brought a new beat to the music scene but has also given him the opportunity to collaborate with renowned international stars. Hanjin is well-loved on the screen and has been invited as a judge on many talent TV shows.

“I’m very glad to be part of First Initiative Foundation. Education and creativity are two issues that I hold close to my heart, and issues that I will remain passionate about for the rest of my life. I encourage everybody to follow their passions and keep creating.”

Metro Vocal Group

Metro Vocal Group is a versatile and dynamic vocal group originally from the United States. Now based in Hong Kong, they have performed internationally for 19 years. Their electrifying Chinese and English fusion covers every genre including Funk to Rock, and Jazz to Pop. Critics fondly describe their performances as hitting the audience with ‘a wall of sound’. This charismatic four-man vocal group is leading the way for contemporary a cappella in Asia.

“Metro Vocal Group is honored to be a part of First Initiative Foundation’s Circle of Friends. We fully support the charitable work that FIF provides in the areas of music, the arts, education and mentorship. Its constant outreach to students in the Hong Kong community allows for future growth in the arts while nurturing students to reach their full potential.”

Hayley Westenra

Hayley Westenra was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. Singing was always her passion. From practising at home in her room, to busking on the city streets, she was always acutely aware of what she loved and what she wanted to do with her life. Sing. That early diligence and hard work paid off when she signed her first international recording contract with Decca Music in the UK at the tender age of 14. Her first release, Pure (2003), then became the fastest selling international debut album in the history of the UK classical charts. To date, she has sold over 4 million albums worldwide. Her album, Paradiso (2011), took her status to a new level, when she collaborated in Rome with legendary film composer Ennio Morricone and his Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta. Hayley has been personal songbird to Her Majesty The Queen four times and has sung for both Princes William and Harry.

“I am delighted to be a part of the family that is First Initiative Foundation’s Circle of Friends and look forward to many wonderful endeavours together.”

Niu Niu

Niu Niu is the nickname and performing identity of Shengliang Zhang, born in Xiamen, China in 1997. At the age of 9, Niu Niu became the youngest pianist ever to sign an exclusive recording contract with an international classical label – EMI Classics. In July 2008, he released his debut album ”Niu Niu Plays Mozart” and continued to release six more albums. Niu Niu has worked with a lot of famous conductors and orchestras, and has performed recitals all around the world. In 2014, Niu Niu was accepted to The Juilliard School under full scholarship to studying with Professor Hung-Kuan Chen, and is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Music Degree.

“Gratitude to FIF for displaying sustained high level of commitment and continuity to foster creativity development in Hong Kong, and providing meaningful opportunities for like-minded people to serve the community together.”

Patricia Röckenwagner

Patricia Shin Röckenwagner is the Chief Brand Officer of STX Entertainment, she joined STX in January 2017 and oversees its communications, marketing and brand globally.  Previously, Ms. Röckenwagner held leading executive roles for some of the most well-known brands in the world including Advance Vixeid Partners, the independent investment arm of Advance Publications and Condé Nast, Paramount Pictures, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and AT&T Broadband.  Her expertise spans consumer, business, trade and financial communications, digital, social and influencer marketing, brand strategy and positioning, board and investor relations and impact philanthropy.

Circle of Friends


Kent Wong

A design entrepreneur and enthusiast, he specialises in designing form and space including interior, furniture and product, as well as brand management. Kent promotes quality design and bridges the gap between designers and business entities by curating numerous exhibitions and programmes for designers worldwide.

“Gratitude to FIF for displaying sustained high level of commitment and continuity to foster creativity development in Hong Kong, and providing meaningful opportunities for like-minded people to serve the community together.”

Luisa Maria Leitão

Luisa Maria Leitão is a famous television host and actress, born in Macao with Portuguese Origin. She has hosted a variety of TV shows and charity events in Hong Kong. In 2015, she started the eponymous sunglasses label LUISA LEITAO. Her fashion venture was born out of her meticulous spirit for amicable avant-garde details and audacious takes on craftsmanship.

“I am glad to be a part of First Initiative Foundation’s Circle of Friends. I will continue to support the charitable work that FIF provides in the areas of art and design, music, education and mentorship.”

Peter Lau

Asia One

Peter Lau is the founder and Managing Director of Asia One, a printing and communications group especially prominent for publishing an extensive range of books on photography and other art forms. Privately as well as through Asia One, Lau is an active figure in Hong Kong’s cultural life, lending support to local artists through collecting, sponsoring and hosting exhibitions and competitions, and other activities.

“I am very inspired by FIF and proud to support its activities. Ultimately, through activities such as bringing top musicians to Hong Kong for special performances and workshops, they inspire our own young musicians to aim high and enrich our quality of life.”

Peter Wong

Peter Wong is a graduate of Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Journalism and Communication.  After his study,  he then joined the advertising field with great success. In 1990  Peter founded Integrated Publicity Services (IPS) the first integrated agency in Hong Kong that offered both public relations, advertising & other below the line marketing services.  His company, IPS started public relations and advertising in China in 1993 with the launch of Swatch in Beijing. Peter Wong has been named as one of the ten most influential “Sina weiboers”  in Hong Kong in 2011.

“I am very happy to be part of First Initiative Foundation. I will continue to support the Foundation’s initiatives in art, music and education in Hong Kong.”

Brigitte Collumbien

Born in Belgium in 1962, I was raised in Burundi (Africa) for the main part of my childhood. Although I have no talents in the fine arts domain, my instinct led me to explore the world of flowers and to start playing around with colours and shapes. Today I work as a self-taught floral designer. My family was welcomed in Hong Kong 13 years ago and we now consider this exciting and beautiful city our home.

“I am delighted and honoured to be considered a friend of FIF, as the foundation promotes a domain that is very dear to me. Our chairman is a passionate, energetic, and devoted lady; she is a serendipity encounter in my life and I cannot help but follow her lead in further developing art and beauty in Hong Kong.”

Francis Cheng

Francis Cheng is the Chief Executive Officer of Number One PR & Communication Ltd. Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, Francis’s career has spanned Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Beijing. A graduate of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver majoring in the Department of Communication and News, he returned to Hong Kong in 1997 and completed an MBA at Hong Kong University from 2006 to 2008.