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Founding Memebers


Chairman of First Initiative Foundation


Chairman & Managing Director of Nan Fung Group


Chairman of Lai Sun Group


Chairman of ADV Investmen



As a citizen of Hong Kong and an activist in charity works, that is my honor to be a member of FIF. An organization is known for its commitment to the social caring of Hong Kong and educational development for those who need. I will take up my responsibility and effort to serve whole heartedly.


Henry Tang GBM, GBS, JP

Standing committee Member, CPPCC Chairman, Federation of HK Jiangsu Commiunity Organizations

Prof. Frederick Ma Si-Hang, Gbs, JP

Chairman of MTR Corporation Limited

Victor Chu

Chairman, CEO of First Eastern Investment Group

Renée Fleming

Opera Singer & Soprano

Timothy T.T. Fok GBS, JP

Chairman of Fok Wing Tung Group

Dr. Victor K Fung GBM, GBS, CBE

Honorary Chairman of Li & Fung Ltd, Group Chairman of Fung Group

Dr. Pak Suet Sin GBS, JP

Cantonese Opera singer

Dr. James M. Bradburne

Director of Pinacoteca Brera, Milan

Supporting Members

Paulette Ho

Although the Foundation began with creative projects such as Lang Lang's Young Scholars Program and the "Make Time for Giving" venture, we have the breadth of mission to move forward in any direction of value. That is one of the most exciting aspects of the charity. We respond to the needs of society, and we support a variety cause deserving of help.

Wendy Kwok

FIF is a paragon of proactive caring for our community in its multi-faceted contributions to the vital sectors of the arts, education and social services. Its charitable outreach is creative, unconventional and reflects the essence of a commitment to grasp the first initiative for the greater good.

David Rule

Founder & Managing Director of Serious Staging Limited

I believe there is a lack of focus on developing creative skills in the young people of Hong Kong and too much emphasis on academic achievements. I support the Foundation because I believe it is seeking to address this imbalance and give the city's children and citizens more opportunity to explore the arts.


Eason Chan 陳奕迅

Singer & Actor

Circle of friends


CEO and Founder of NumberOne PR Communication


Classical Singer

Luisa Maria Leitão


Nelson Chow

Architect /  Interior Designer NC Design & Architecture

Patricia Röckenwagner

Co-Owner, The Röckenwagner Bakery Group Branding Strategist

Kent Wong

Designer / Founder of GRANDLAND MX

Peter Cheung

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PETER CHEUNG ASIA LIMITED

Peter Lau


Peter Wong

Founder of Integrated Publicity Services Limited

Real Ting

Founder and Director   RIGHT TRACK CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD   Collaboration Group 

Thierry Chow



Adrian Cheung

I am happy and proud to be part of FIF. Joining with my mother Chairman Michelle Ong and the other members to work on behalf of so many important causes is particularly inspiring to me. The opportunity to give back is invaluable.

Vincent Cheung

I feel it's  very meaningful to work together as a family for such a good cause. From creative endeavors to international outreach, we all want to contribute to helping our citizens and community.

Chloe Ho

As an artist, I feel very connected to Hong Kong's creative scene and that is why I am happy to be part of a Foundation that promotes our City's cultural vibrancy, supports our talented youth and, in general, aims to uplift all.

Geoffrey Kwok

FIF is working to charitably create programs that not only directly benefit, but provide opportunities for continued growth of the recipients. For example, our design initiative with Hong Kong Polytechnic University supported students scholastically and gave them a continuing platform for creative growth, I am committed to this kind of extended outreach.

Lester Lam

The First Initiative Foundation gives us a chance to work together outside of the business world. It's also nice to be able to work side by side on creative projects that are for good causes. I can see its huge value to society and I am happy to work with Michelle Ong and my father Peter Lam in support of important charitable initiatives.

Thomas Tsang

I believe in the mission of FIF so it's exciting to work with our members on any project but even more so when it's for a good cause. Even though I'm from a different generation, our Chairman Michelle Ong invites input from all the members and really listens to what we have to say. I am happy to work to benefit such community positive causes.