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Lang Lang’s Young Scholars

First Initiative Foundation (FIF) proudly sponsors two music scholarships for the Lang Lang International Music Foundation. Each scholarship is for a two year period, and Hong Kong recipients have the fantastic opportunity to join a handful of outstanding young pianists from around the world who are under the direct mentorship of Lang Lang.

Young Scholars is a brilliant way for talented young pianists to develop more confidence and enhance their performance skills. The global programme gives them the chance to perform locally and internationally, and showcases young Hong Kong talent on the world stage.

2015-2017 Young Scholars

Jenny Kong is a wonderfully talented young pianist. We admire her dedication in taking piano lessons for nearly a decade, and her confidence in performing in front of her school peers. Jenny and her family are happy that the Young Scholars programme is a chance for her
to enrich her musical knowledge and develop her independence through travel.

Peter Leung is a truly remarkable young pianist. Peter has been learning piano since a very young age, and has won numerous prizes and school scholarships. Peter and his family hope that the Young Scholars programme will build his confidence and open the door to a fruitful future career in music.


2013-2015 Young Scholars

Sherri Lun is a creative young musician with a love for piano, viola, singing and composing poetry. Sherri won her first Champion in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival at the remarkably young age of 5, and went on to win many more awards throughout childhood. Sherri’s impressive achievements with the Young Scholars allowed her to expand her artistic development.

Matthew Chan is a wonderful and hardworking pianist. His study at HKAPA in piano and clarinet, in addition to the Hong Kong Children’s Choir,  shows his versatility and talent in music. Matthew’s experience with the Young Scholars had many beneficial effects, including widening his extensive network of peers and professionals.


2011-2013 Young Scholars

Kate Lee is an outstanding young performer who enjoys sharing music with all on a big stage. Kate has been studying the piano from a very early age, and passed her Grade 8 exam with distinction at the age of eight. Kate delighted crowds with performances around the world, including an FIF event in London. Kate often expresses her gratitude to her good teachers, who showed her how to tell a story with music.

Jonathan Leung is a remarkable student, whose talents range from distinctions in piano and violin, to writing and sports. Under the Young Scholars programme, he was able to travel and perform in a range of exciting events, including London and Manhattan. Jonathan treasured the opportunity to contribute to the Young Scholars by bringing classical music to other children around the world.